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      4NIC Home
      About Aerospace Changfeng Chaoyang Power Supply co.,LTD.
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      About Aerospace Changfeng Chaoyang Power Supply co.,LTD. 

      Original name of this unit was Chaoyang Power Supply Co., Ltd. whom was setup in 1986. Chaoyang had experienced the design and test to power device for 30 years.  Owing to those well-known names of “4NIC”, “AREOSPACE POWER”, ”CHANYANG POWER”, and title of ”CASIC”, this unit had delivered various power and power device including regulated power, constant current power, UPS power, pulse power, and custom power in 30 series 300 thousands varieties.

      AEROSPACE CHANGFENG CHAOYANG POWER SUPPLY CO., LTD. was one state-owned unit. It was jointly invested by Defense Technology Institute of CASIC (China Aerospace Science & Industry Corp) and Chaoyang Power Supply Co., Ltd. and its business was conducted by CASIC. It began its business on September 5, 2007 supported by that registered capital of 117.6 million yuan. 


      Whatever it may be, one common power, or some specialized power in sophisticated specification, all those one-unit order are available. Satisfaction of user equals to our will. Specification like outline dimension and technical design can be supplied according to customer’s will. We will serve the customer efficiently in an optimized solution according to our reasonable calculation. Upon you order the product of “CHAOYANG POWER or 4NIC AREOSPACE POWER”, you possess one power plant of yourself indeed.

      This company follows a business strategy of “Focus the customer, and supply the custom power” to meet the specialized demands.


      This company is equipped with various devices for components selection and inspection test. Parts for military aircraft use is selected against GJB128A, GJB548B, and norms for aerospace use, even is selected by 201 institute of CASIC 2 and 303 institute of CASIC 3.


      Power supply device of this unit can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, weapon, airborne, missile-borne, radar, vessel, locomotive engine, communication, and laboratory research, especially in the military industry in which strict reliability was required. Among the above, more than hundreds of the power supply units were design-finalized and transformed into large-scale production. That reveals a contribution of this unit to the national defense, research field, and industrial field.   


      This company locates at No. 1 Dianyuan Road, Chaoyang City in Liaoning province, covers an area of 200 thousands square meters, including building area of 150 thousand square meters. According to municipal planning, a new plant of Areospace Changfeng Chaoyang power Supply Co., Ltd. will be built in Chaoyang Electronic Industrial Zone, the later will cover an area of more than 1.00 million square meters. In the future, the sales engineering department of this company in area of 2000 square meters will serve you to a more convenient level, and workshop in 3000 square meters will supply you more excellent power. 


      According to GJB150A-2009, GJB151A, GJB181(A), and GJB548B, all our product can be applied the test of temperature test, temperature storage, temperature cycle, temperature impact, humidity, mechanical impact, vibration in sine wave, and vibration in random, as well as test of EMC test in this company. 


      Quality policy: manufacturing power considerably, observing regulation strictly, pursing continuous development, securing parties satisfaction. 


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